About Us

The UCI Rocket Project is an undergraduate student team pushing the boundaries of collegiate rocketry through the design and fabrication of liquid-fueled rockets.

Our project provides engineering students with the opportunity to work on complex systems within a multidisciplinary team. The systems are designed using professional modeling and simulation software, innovative manufacturing and fabrication solutions, and strict validation procedures.

Our team initially participated in the FAR-MARS competition. The challenge has ended but the requirements have provided parameters for our first complete engine.

Our objective for Fall 2020 is to successfully complete a static test fire of our Preliminary Test Engine (P.T.E.) using a redesigned test stand. We will continue our analysis and begin manufacturing our aerostructures, recovery, and avionics systems for our Preliminary Test Rocket (PTR) that is scheduled to launch Spring 2021.

We are currently participants in the Friends of Amateur Dollar Per Foot Challenge. To find out more information about the challenge please visit their website.

Read more about our Team Formation here.

Our Projects




PTE is the largest liquid oxygen and liquid methane fueled rocket engine created by undergraduate students. With its showerhead injector, ablatively cooled chamber, and graphite nozzle, it will produce an estimated 1000 pounds of thrust.


Cold Brew is UCIRP’s newest modular test stand, designed and manufactured completely in house. This new system will cut down test operations from 12 hours to just 2. It will hold ground support equipment during vehicle launches and test the team’s future rocket engines for many years.